Living traditions of India – Music, Art and Craft
What this tour is about: Music, art and craft are an integral part of life in India. The inner world of the artist – the world of faith and belief – finds expression in both classical as well as folk arts. This tour offers a first hand look at India’s arts and crafts, and a chance to meet several craftspersons.
How we do it: The tour begins at the Crafts Museum, where there are live demonstrations of a wide range of tribal and village crafts. There are little mud huts with colourfully painted walls, open courtyards with dramatic displays, puppet shows, village shrines, terracotta and metal workshops. Everywhere you can see men and women at work, drawing, painting, sculpting, creating magic with their hands. If you’d like to talk to these craftsmen, our guides will help translate. You can also visit the delightful store at the museum, one of Delhi’s best places to buy genuine handicrafts at fixed prices.
From the museum, we will drive to the tomb of Nizamuddin Auliya, to see a Sufi Quwwali performance. Sufism is a mystic tradition within Islam that preaches tolerance, love and openness. Quwaali, the music of the Sufis, is a vibrant tradition that originated in the 13th century, and is intended to transport listeners into a trance-like state where they feel at one with God.
Total Tour Time: 2-3 hours
When: Thursdays at 3:30 p.m.
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