Golden Triangle with a difference - Finally, a tour that shows you the REAL Golden Triangle
What this tour is about: The Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur) is the most popular tourist circuit in India, and not without reason. Delhi is an old city, where the grand ruins of dead Empires dot the landscape. Agra is home to the exquisite Taj Mahal. And Jaipur is a picture-book fantasy of elephants, camels, forts and exotic palaces.
But there’s more to the Golden Triangle than beautiful monuments and ruins.
The cities of the Golden Triangle are a living microcosm of India, where multiple religions and faiths co-exist. Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Muslims still follow ancient ways of life, celebrating festivals and fairs as their forefathers did. Philosophy and religion determine all aspects of life, from birth to death. Village and agricultural life follow traditional patterns, governed by the seasons. Traditional artisans and craftsmen still work in guilds, creating both the mundane and the beautiful. The bazaars are teeming with spices, fruits, vegetables, colourful fabrics, jewellery and household wares. Vendors serve up a wide range of spicy street food, confectioners cook up traditional delicacies, and yes, cows do wander about the streets!
Seeing and understanding this real India is what makes the Golden Triangle fascinating. Combined with the outstanding beauty of forts, tombs, palaces and temples, this is a visit you will not forget.
Things you can do in “The REAL Golden Triangle” tour:
If you have just one day in Delhi, we recommend you start with the Qutb Complex, which takes you to the beginnings of Islamic rule in Delhi. From there, you can drive to British Delhi, to visit the monuments now synonymous with independent India – the President’s House, Parliament House and India Gate. After a lunch break, we recommend you try our popular Bazaar Walk in Old Delhi, which takes you to the bustling and interesting Chandni Chowk area. You can round off the day with dinner at one of Delhi’s famous restaurants – ask us for suggestions!
If you have a second day in Delhi, then there are multiple options. Take The Delhi Art Trail tour if you’re interested in traditional and contemporary Indian art. Or take The People of Delhi tour, for a glimpse of Sufism, modern Hinduism and the day-to-day life of Delhites. Another interesting option is The 1857 Mutiny Tour, which tells you the story of the Great Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. Or if you’re interested in food, come with us on a Punjabi Cuisine Tour. You can also try a visit to a weekly haat, an evening/night market where fresh fruits, vegetables, clothes, utensils and other wares are displayed.
The Taj Mahal is best seen at dawn, when the first rays of the sun light up the marble beautifully. Going at dawn is also a good way to beat the heat and the crowds. Apart from the Taj, you should visit Agra Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We also recommend a photo-stop at Emperor Akbar’s mausoleum in Sikandra. If you have more time in Agra, then the Bear Rescue Centre at Agra is educative, especially if you are traveling with children. We can also take you to see the real Agra – its bylanes and bazaars, where under the shadow of the Jama Masjid, there are Hindu temples and donkey-carts and little shops selling everything under the sun. If you go to the bazaars, don’t forget to sample the famous Agra Petha, a pumpkin dessert with sugar syrup and rose water.

The traditional fortress of the Kacchawaha kings is at Amber, so this is the logical place from which to begin your exploration.

After Amber, the next place to explore is Jaipur City. Built from scratch based on traditional Hindu town planning principles, Jaipur became the new capital of the Kachhawahas in the early eighteenth century. We will show you not only the monuments and palaces of this legendary wealthy city, but also the art and language schools, temples, crafts and guilds patronised by the rulers. If you have more time in Jaipur, we recommend you try our day trip to Pushkar and Ajmer. You can try our Taste of Jaipur tour, to check out the city’s specialty street food and visit a Rajasthani home for a lesson in vegetarian home cooking. You can also go on a jeep safari to see Rajasthani villages.

How to plan your tour: As you can see, there are lots of different things you can do to make your Golden Triangle tour insightful and interesting.

Write to us telling us how many days you have, what your hotel budget per night is, and what your special interests are. We’ll design a tour that is specific to your needs. We’ll recommend multiple hotels in each city within your budget; you can review and select the one you want. We’ll also arrange transportation and guided tours. If there are festivals or fairs during your visit, we’ll build that into your itinerary.
You can choose to travel by plane, train or car, or a mix of the three. For convenience and flexibility, the best way to see the Golden Triangle is by road, with a private car and driver.
You can start this tour in Delhi, then go to Agra and end with Jaipur. Or you can do it in reverse, especially if you’re setting out from Mumbai. Ideally, you'll need 6 days (5 nights), although it is possible to do it in 5 days (4 nights) as well. Many people choose to spend more time in Delhi and Jaipur, because these cities have so much to offer.
Here's an outline of one possible itinerary:
Day 1 – Arrive into Delhi, transfer to hotel, overnight in Delhi
Day 2 - Delhi sightseeing
Day 3 - Delhi to Agra, Agra sightseeing
Day 4 – Taj by dawn, Agra to Fatehpur Sikri, Sikri to Jaipur
Day 5 - Jaipur sightseeing
Day 6 - Jaipur to Delhi, fly home
For more information, and an itinerary best suited to your interests, write to /, or call Deepa at +91 98677 07414
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Golden Triangle with a difference - Finally, a tour that shows you the REAL Golden Triangle
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